Tuesday, May 25, 2010

13 Questions with ...Jason Beil

1. Name one thing you miss about being a child.
I miss the sense of wonder.  Everything was new, and it was so easy to get excited over a movie, or a book, or the new record by your favorite band.  Now, as an adult, it’s too easy to become jaded and adopt a “been there, done that” attitude.

2. Do you have any phobias? If so, what are they?

I was pretty scared that time some psycho ran out in front of the van I was driving waving a gun around.  So crazy people with firearms.  That’s my phobia.

3. Are you a collector of anything and if so, what?

Comic books.  Although, I don’t know if I’m a collector or just a fanboy.  I just love the medium... everything from superhero stuff to the more cutting edge adult material.

4. You're about the walk the Green Mile - what do you have for your last meal?

Depends on what I’m in the mood for.  Probably a big steak, medium rare.

5. What is your favorite cookie?

Chocolate chip... is there any other kind?

6. Who is your favorite author?

Good question.  Tolkien is the father of modern fantasy and obviously a huge influence on me.  Recently, I’ve been most impressed by George RR Martin, although if he doesn’t bring out his next book soon I’m sending him hate mail.

7. What musical artist are you currently into?

I guess I’d have to admit my latest flavor du jour is Lady Gaga.  She’s actually a very talented young woman.  However, I doubt anyone will ever knock Depeche Mode off the top spot of my all-time favorites list.

8. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? If so, who are they?

No imaginary friends.  Imaginary enemies, on the other hand...

9. What's your favorite word?


10. What is your current desktop wallpaper?
A dog getting sprayed in the face by a sprinkler.  My daughter put it on there.

11. You're at a Chinese buffet - what goes on your plate?

The question is... what DOESN’T go on my plate.  I love Chinese!

12. What person now deceased would you most want to spend some time with and why?

Robert Jordan.  I want to give him hell for everything after book 6 in the Wheel of Time.

13. What are you currently reading?

Just catching up on my funnybooks.  The last real book I read was Atlas Shrugged (loved it!).

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  1. Ha! We have so much in common. I call my comic book collection my "retirement fund." I learned to read on Tolkien in first grade. Have you read any of Martin's older stuff? He has a really good vampire novel called Fevre Dreams that you should look up. Very non-cannon vampires. I stopped reading Jordan's books after about book 6. I couldn't take it any more.