Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: Armageddon Bound : Book One of the Demon Squad series

Armageddon Bound
Book One of the Demon Squad series
Tim Marquitz
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble  in paperback and in e format through Damnation Books

Review by Dan Breen

Take equal measures of 50’s detective pulp fiction, a Carl Hiaasen central character, and The Omen, blend carefully then serve chilled with a good Metal soundtrack.
Now throw it away and read this instead.

In Armageddon Bound Tim Marquitz introduces probably one of the most likable anti heroes I’ve come across – Frank Trigg, (or Triggaltheron, depending on how far “south” you come from); Nephew of Lucifer, part human, and the only known character in any book to have turned down the opportunity to become the Anti-Christ.

The back story is that both God and the Devil have disappeared without trace, much to the confusion of their respective sides leaving the various choirs and minions to do what they do best – fight each other in a celestial Cold War taking place on earth. However, in the years since the disappearances of the respective heads, other factions have appeared, crossing the usual Demon/Angel lines, pro and anti Armageddonists, and it’s against these factions, and his estranged Succubi wife, that Frank, Scarlett, (an angel, his cousin), Katon, (Vampire), and Rahim, (mage), find themselves pitched in this rather different and entertaining novel.

The story itself starts straight into the action, but at a pace not to leave the reader behind, and while fast moving, is not too fast as to leave the reader struggling to keep up. The characters themselves feel rounded, fully formed and engaging while the settings are illustrated well enough to give the picture without distracting from the story itself. Thoroughly entertaining with some good humorous, if slightly wrong, moments thrown in, (remember though, he is part demon).

If you’re a fan of Good Omens, any of the Lazlo Woodbine series, (Robert Rankin), or are old enough to remember the “Oh God, you Devil” movies with George Burns, you’ll like this one.

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