Friday, November 4, 2011

13 Questions with...Tim Marquitz

1. You’re hosting a dinner party. What is the menu, and do you cook it yourself, or do you call a caterer?

I would probably cook it myself because I'm cheap. The menu would likely be some variation of spicy chicken with lots of cheese because I'm a white trash cook.

2. What is your beverage of choice?
Coca Cola. The damn stuff is addictive.

3. Physical book Vs an E-Reader. Your preference and why?
I much prefer a physical book, but I love the convenience of my eReader. There's no way to compare being able to store 1,500 plus books on a small device. It allows me to read based on my mood and not throw my back out.

4. What kinds of books make up your personal library?
Horror and dark fantasy in overwhelming amounts. Lots of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Jim Butcher, and Brian Keene.

5. How and when did you catch the writing bug?
I've always liked to write, but I never took it too seriously until around 1995. I started working out some ideas I had and was really disappointed in how bad they were. I carried on intermittently until probably about five years ago when I pulled my head loose and figured out what I was doing.

6. What is your writing routine?
I don't have one. I write when I have time and feel like it. While I push myself to do it regularly, I write when it feels good to do it.

7. If you ever encounter writer’s block, what steps do you take to get past it?
Because I outline my work, any sense of writer's block I might get happens before I even start to write. I just continue to plot and scheme and everything seems to fall into place.

8. Do you have a hidden talent?
Avoiding difficult questions.

9. What was your best subject in school?
English, which probably isn't much of a surprise. I'd say lunch was a close second.

10. As in any entertainment, there are current trends. How much do these “current trends” influence what you write?
Not at all. They influence how I market my work, but the story has to be what it is. I don't write to trends and I don't worry about what's popular beyond the marketing approach.

11. Mac or PC?
Definitely PC.

12. Where do your ideas come from?
The Idea Fairy.

13 What advice would you pass on to an aspiring author?
Practice. Until a writer can overcome their concern about the mechanics of writing, they'll never write to their most creative.

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