Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: Second Paradigm

Second Paradigm
Peter J.Wacks
Available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Good evening constant reader.
In a nutshell, if you like fast-paced time travelling science fiction with a plot that's fun to follow (How many times have I ever said that about a science fiction novel?  Never.), and interesting characters, not to mention some food for thought regarding the nature of time, then this book is for you.

Packed with action, we follow members of the Time Corp as they try to manipulate time to keep paradoxes from occurring that would literally rip holes in time.  Add one confused Dr. Chris Nost, who isn't sure why he's on trial for something he doesn't think he did; one Alexander Zarth who may or may not be a good guy...or is he a bad guy?...and add in a host of supporting characters who move in and out of time and you've got a fantastic read.

The book starts out with a topsy turvy trial that does not go like anyone thinks it should and then the action takes off.
I don't want to give too much away, all I can say is Second Paradigm is a well thought out time travel science fiction novel, well- written, and can stand up there with the best science fiction novels out there.
I'm not one for time travel as a theme, I'll admit that.  It hurts my brain sometimes, and even though Second Paradigm flips from one point in time to another, I didn't feel like a lost ball in the tall weeds.

Peter J. Wacks presents some interesting theory on time travel, positing some quantum physics as he goes.
If he didn't do a lot of research for this book, I'd be surprised.  If he did, he certainly knows how to present complicated theory well.
What could have been confusing and dry was fun to sink my teeth into and whetted my appetite for more from Wacks.  I know lately on his Facebook he's  been talking about writing.  I hope so, because anyone who can pull off this subject matter and make it entertaining needs to be writing.

I'm a hard nut to crack when it comes to time travel.  It usually gets so tangled up it irritates me to the point of not caring.  Second Paradigm is so well written, it didn't do that.  It was entertaining, suspenseful - hell I learned something about time travel and gained some new perspective on time and how I think about it.
If Peter J. Wacks does NOT write any more, I'm going to find him and kick him.  You've been warned Mr. Wacks!

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