Friday, August 23, 2013

Short Story Review: "The Wooden Box" by Steven Lloyd

"The Wooden Box" by Steven Lloyd
Available through Amazon in a Kindle edition, through Barnes and Noble as a Nook Book, and through Smashwords in several downloadable formats.

Good afternoon constant reader.
If you like a short shot of real life horror for your reading pleasure with a tinge of the bittersweet, then "The Wooden Box" is the story for you.

Our story  opens with Mack Grainy constructing a wooden box, for what purpose we don't yet know. We know that the time is the Depression Era, and the setting a dusty farm, inhabited my Mack and his ailing wife, Nora. Their only livestock at this point, a mule named Minny.

Nora is dying of cancer, literally wasting away in front of Mack's eyes. Lloyd paints a picture of a marriage that has had some ups and some downs, but through it all, the cord of true love has bound Mack and Nora. That makes Mack's task of constructing the box that much more heart-tugging.

The narrative effectively transports the reader to another time and place and provides a snapshot of two people who love one another and are bound to see this latest, and possibly last, trial through to the end together.

To say much more would give away the ending. I gasped out loud and felt a tear start to well up when I got to the end of this tale.

Is this worth the $1.99 price for download? Yes.
Is Steven Lloyd a name to look for in the future? Most assuredly yes.

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