Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: She's Not So Ordinary by C.A. Milson

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If you've read the first two entries in this horror series, The Chosen Rise of the Darkness and The Chosen Bloodline of Darkness, then this book is for you.

This installment in The Chosen series may be shorter than the previous, but it packs a good punch, and moves the series along nicely.
If you've read the prior titles in the series, The Chosen Rise of the Darkness and The Chosen Bloodline of Darkness, then you know who Jamiesonn is, and if you've not read the other two books, you'll know soon enough, Jamiesonn is bad news. He desires nothing more than the total destruction of the world as mankind knows it and then to enslave every last human being on the planet. His world is one of blood and violence.

The story moves from Jamiesonn and his latest plot to take things over to Private First Class Tony Capelli, in a hot zone of fighting. He has just enough time to pull out another clip for his gun when a photograph of his girlfriend Laura Masters flutters in the breeze. Then Tony is shot and killed.

The news reaches home to Laura and her world is turned upside down. Over the next months she sleep walks through life. With the passage of time, she begins to heal and becomes close to a co-worker named Garrett and all seems like it might be set to rights again.

Enter a mysterious Mr James Venitti, who is the new owner of the company Laura and Garrett work for, with a tasty promotion in the air, one that both will end up vying for. Initially Laura has a funny feeling about Venitti, but pushes it aside.

A party comes along and Laura attends, has a few too many with the girls and she leaves for home, walking by a creek to get to a bus stop. She passes out in the grass and is visited in a dream by a golden haired man with black eyes, and this is where Laura's world starts to change...

To say more would give away the story. It's fast-paced and builds up to a bloody and violent climax, setting the stage for Jamiesonn to finally achieve...what exactly? You'll have to read it to find out.

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