Monday, September 2, 2013

One of the best kept secrets in horror...James Newman

Good afternoon constant reader.

I want, to paraphrase Tom Waits, to tug on your coat about someone.
His name is James Newman. and he's a horror author.

I have not yet reviewed any of his work, seeing as how James is an established author, and I have more than enough first time author work to read.
But James is an extraordinary talent you need to be aware of.
I intend to review one of his early novels, Midnight Rain soon.

In the mean time, head over to James's website and see what there is to buy.
Skinny-Dipping In The River Styx
There you will find the following titles and the corresponding links to buy them:
Ugly As Sin
The Wicked
Midnight Rain
People Are Strange
Revenge Flick
The Forum
Night of the Living Dead
The Church of Dead Languages
From reading Midnight Rain, I can tell you James is a force to be reckoned with and you'll be able to find something here that strikes your fancy. On my To Read List is any of James's titles, but primarily, Ugly As Sin.

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