Friday, September 20, 2013

13 Questions with...James A. Moore

1. Name one thing you miss about being a child.

Freedom. I miss being able to daydream without interruption and the ability to spontaneously try new things without fear of consequence.
2. You’re hosting a dinner party. What is the menu, and do you cook it yourself, or do you call a caterer?

An actual dinner party? We’ll start with a nice salad: tomatoes, cucumber, green onions, a red wine vinaigrette. For an appetizer let’s go with baked brie with apples and walnuts. For dinner itself a beef tenderloin en croute with béarnaise sauce, creamed spinach, artichoke hearts with drawn butter. For desert a properly decadent chocolate mousse cake.
Or, if we’re going with my usual budget, spaghetti and meatballs.
And I cook. I’m a mean cook.
3. Are you a collector of anything and if so, what?

I have a nice collection of skulls. No real ones. I believe the one I have in my head is the only real one I need but I do like to collect various skulls. I find them aesthetically pleasing. Also I have a small but growing collection of high-end statues of different comic book characters. Mostly villains.
4. You're about the walk the Green Mile - what do you have for your last meal?

My very last meal….Probably pizza. Or my mom’s goulash.
5. Physical book Vs an E-Reader. Your preference and why?

I like them both for different reasons. The physical books because I love the feel and smell of books. I like the weight in my hands and I love a good piece of artwork. Ultimately my preference is probably for “real” books. Ebooks because, hello, several hundred books that I can carry with me anywhere and when it comes to Stephen King, the real books are bloody heavy.
6. What are you currently reading?
Hair Side, Flesh Side by Helen Marshall, a brilliant collection of short stories put out by ChiZine Publications. Highly recommended. I am also rereading THE BLADE ITSELF by Joe Abercrombie, who has become one of my favorites. I am also line editing a few things for myself and reading about five different ARCS for different writers.

7. What musical artist are you currently into?
Almost easier to name the ones I’m NOT interested in, but currently my favorites include Ray LaMontagne, Disturbed, Gordon Lightfoot, Iron & Wine, The Derek Trucks Band, Amos Lee, Adele, David Gray, Gangstagrass, Kasey Lansdale, Norah Jones and Glen Hansig. The answer varies by the day.
8. Do you have a hidden talent?
Nope I’m pretty much a what you see is what you get sort of guy.

9. What's your favorite word?
That’s as cruel as asking an artist what her favorite color is.  Today’s answer is Love. Why? Because there an myriad connotations involved in the use and misuse of that word.
10. What is your current desktop wallpaper?
A galactic cluster. I’m contemplating going to an autumn motif, but not just yet.

11. You're at a Chinese buffet - what goes on your plate?

Crab Rangoon, salt and pepper shrimp, lo mein, a few chicken wings, a bowl of hot and sour soup.
12.  What kinds of books make up your personal library?

I have a staggering collection of horror. No real surprise there. I have a decent collection of fantast books and a number of classic science fiction volumes as well. In the non-genre set I have most of John Irving’s books and a few others.
13. What advice would you pass on to an aspiring author?

I went to 17 schools in twelve years of schooling. I did not do well in school and I had to teach myself the basics of grammar and the English language (I had some very good help and advice from a few friends of mine). Despite this minor setback I have managed to write and sell a good number of books.
My point? Never give up on your dreams. They are yours. Make them come true.

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