Monday, September 9, 2013

Want a chance to help horror author Ray Garton? Here it is...

Good afternoon constant reader.

Horror author Ray Garton is one of those authors I'm thrilled to find on bookstore shelves and read when ever I get a chance. His work has never disappointed me. Known for the novels Live Girls (vampire strippers!), Crucifax Autumn (a really twisted little tale), Dark Channel (a bad cult run amok), Silver Scream (anthology bearing Ray's story "Sinema") and a slew of others, Ray needs your help.

From the gofundme page for Ray:
He suffers from a condition known as laryngopharyngeal reflux, or LPR. Similar to GERD, LPR sends stomach acid into the throat where it irritates the larynx and causes hoarseness, soarness, and a condition called globus pharyngis, which creates the strong sensation of a large lump in the throat. In the process of diagnosing him, the doctor found a white spot on Ray’s left vocal cord. It may simply be irritation from the stomach acid, but a biopsy is required to rule out cancer.

While an author’s career is marked with some benefits, great health insurance is not one of them. His out of pocket expenses for this necessary biopsy will total $1500.00, and hard times in this industry and a previous illness requiring three operations that wiped out their savings have left him and his wife in a tough situation.

We ask that you help our friend take his first steps back toward good health so that he may continue to do what he loves most and does best; sharing stories with you.

If you can help, please do. Every little bit gets them closer to their $1500.00 goal. As of today, they have $775.00, with only $725.00 left to go.
Here's the link: Ray Garton gofundme page

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