Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Going off the beaten path: Recommendation: American Horror Story

Good evening constant reader.
While I'm reading a new book for review, I'll be posting entries here and there on assorted topics.

This one deals with the television show, American Horror Story. If you've not had the privilege of seeing this magnificent series, then you should remedy that immediately.

I saw the first season and was suitably impressed. The house was nice in a creepy way and the things that went on there were weird as hell. The fact that I as a viewer kept getting jerked around from one time period to the next served to make things interesting, rather than keep me irritated. Oh yes, it kept me off balance, but that's what a true roller coaster ride is supposed to do - keep the rider on the alert for the next up hill climb. then free fall once over the hill.
American Horror Story has that formula down to a fine art. The acting was uniformly superb as well as the writing.

I've watched the first episode of season three, Coven, and am here to tell you the twisted minds are still at work.

It was because of that, I sought out American Horror Story Asylum.
When it was first aired, I watched the first episode and it scared the shit out of me. So much so, after the second episode, I quit watching.
It was too disturbing for me to watch.
ME! The one who will always choose a horror novel over a romance any day for the week.
ME, who sat through Dawn of the Dead, while the people's vomit from behind me seeped it's way down the floor of the theatre. Since they threw up during a pivotal time in the film, we couldn't really move, so we put our feet up.
ME, the girl who sneaked home a copy of the book The Exorcist to literally read under the covers at night as I had been forbidden to read it by my parents.

What is it about American Horror Story?
The writing plays on our common, every day lives and fears, and twists things to show us the dark underbelly. Disturbing imagery that isn't blood and guts does the job. Odd music cues, fantastic aural support to set the mood in the show musically and camera work that makes you think you might be losing your mind.

I'm on episode four of Asylum. It's freaking me out.
That's a good thing.

I hope the creators of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk keep scaring the shit out of us for a very long time, as they're producing some of the best horror out there.

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