Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween - sign this petition and maybe we'll all get this treat

Good evening constant reader.

By now some of you may be familiar with the character of Loki, brilliantly portrayed by actor Tom Hiddlestion in the films Thor and The Avengers. Loki is about to make another onscreen appearance in the new film Thor: The Dark World, opening on American screens tomorrow.

Loki is a scene stealer of a character and there is a movement to persuade Marvel to feature Loki in his own film.

I'm using my blog platform to ask you to sign this petition and to forward it far and wide, as many times as you can. With your help, they can keep going and hopefully get Marvel's attention.

Another way to get Marvel's attention is to vote with your wallet. Go see Thor 2 multiple times and then post the fact to your Facebook, Tumblr, and/or Twitter page. Marvel has eyes and ears all over the place and if they see people turning out to see Thor 2 because they want more Loki, then the chances are better that we'll get more Loki.
They've already given him his own comic.
You can get Loki merchandise.
There's Loki fan fiction on Amazon (which is what got yours truly to finally read a book for pleasure on her Kindle).
So why not a movie?
It's we the fans who drive the success of a film or book or TV show - don't forget that. Without us, they have nothing.

Petition to Marvel Studios to give Loki his own film

Loki comic coming this February

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