Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Review: Second Chance

Second Chance
Chet Williamson
Available from Amazon in
Kindle format, B&N in Nook format,
hardcover and paper back.

I've read some of Williamson's short story work, and I've read his novel Ash Wednesday.
Now I've read Second Chance.

In each instance, the writing is tight, the stories are well-plotted, and the characters become very real people.

However, there is another constant that runs through all these:
The ability to make me mutter, "God***n, Chet", when I'm blown away by a turn of phrase, or a twist in plot.

Second Chance is at turns scary as hell, sweetly reminiscent of a time gone by, and hopeful for a future that never should have existed.

The scary as hell parts are visceral when they need to be and are scary because they could very well occur.
The sweetly reminiscent parts bring back the era of the '60's in a way that brings a smile to your face at the innocence and passion of the time.
The hopeful parts - well...they are bittersweet. A future that never should have happened is the sweet, and the horrible way an unintended consequence unravels and is then corrected is the bitter.

Horror needs Chet Williamson to keep writing.
His tales are not the tired horror tropes we've all seen trotted out before and I highly recommend reading this and any other books of his you can get your hands on.
You will not go away disappointed.