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Review: Ship of Destiny

Ship of Destiny
Dom Woolf
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Good evening constant reader.

If you're looking for some imaginative science fiction which ends up being an apocalyptic tale with an ending full of promise, then this is the book for you.

Ship of Destiny begins in the future, with Lynette, Ken, Steve and Olivia on their way to Blue Spirit Lake after going through the rigors of college. They have graduate school ahead of them, but for now are settling for a little rest and relaxation. Diving into deep pools and camping out under the stars is just what they need.

One dive excursion reveals what looks like a cave entrance hidden by some vegetation. Lynette decides to investigate, but is held back by Steve. Once they return to shore, Lynette lets Steve know she is none to pleased and decides to return and investigate.

They discover an underwater cavern, complete with beach, and start to explore their new surroundings.
Lynn is looking around and finds...a ship. A metal ship with a dull metal finish, almost like a fighter jet, but warm, like it is alive.

The quartet sets to investigating the ship, trying to decipher the symbols it's inscribed with and sussing out what kind of metal the ship is made out of.
At one point, Lynn, tired and weary says:
“You could help us out, you know.” Lynn spoke to the ship. “We are a lot nicer than the government will be if they discover you. Besides aren’t you tired of being in this dark ole cave by yourself?”
The sentient ship is just the beginning of a tale that spans years.
To say much more will give away too much of the story.
It's one part first contact, one part space opera, and one part apocalypse.
I like this book a lot.
The pacing is good, the characters are interesting and I got a sense of being in another time and another place in the future that was familiar and alien at the same time without being weighed down with too much otherness.

I've read some science fiction where the tech starts taking over the story to the point the story gets lost. Ship of Destiny is a good science fiction story that doesn't allow technology to get in the way.

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