Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: The People That Melt in the Rain

The People That Melt in the Rain
Carolyn Watson Dubisch
Mike Dubisch
Available to follow as a web comic:
The People That Melt in the Rain: New Girl In Town
From Amazon as a Kindle book; from Barnes & Noble as a Nook book

Review by Dan Breen

Web comics are a fairly new thing for me. Yes I know the internet has been around forever, (well, mid 90’s anyway), but oddly, following more than just odds and ends has never really appealed to me.
So the boss gives me the link, “Here, you like comics go review…” Or words to that effect, so I wasn’t expecting much.
Boy was I surprised.
The artwork is the first thing that struck me, clear, simple and caught me from the outset. I am visually led, so once the impact of the artwork had subsided I started reading the story itself and just couldn’t stop clicking next.
The comic begins following Laura as she moves from her old home to the rather unusual town of Deluge, where, as the title suggests, people melt in the rain. But there’s more, way more to it than just that, no one seems to leave. Ever. And on top of that, the town seems to be, in a very normal way a repository of all things rum and uncanny.
The web comic itself has been running for a few years now so there’s plenty to read. Might be worth settling down with a large pot of tea, (or coffee as appropriate), switch off your phone and enjoy.
If you liked Spirited Away, (Studio Ghibli animae), Twin Peaks or anything of that ilk, you’ll love this one. 

Issue 0 of The People That Melt in the Rain
Carolyn Watson-Dubisch
Mike Dubisch

Review by Tracey Fleming

When Carolyn first contacted me about reviewing The People That Melt in the Rain, my first impulse was, of course, to say "Yes!", as I started my reading life reading comic books.  She explained it was an ongoing web comic, but could send me issue 0 as a hard copy.  
When it arrived and I got a look at the cover, my first thought was "Oh, this is going to be right up my alley", and I was right.
The story, as Dan outlined above is about the town of Deluge, and Laura, who has just moved to the town.
Issue 0 starts not with Laura, but with Jason, the "Weatherman" who's trying to figure out why the weather is the way it is in Deluge.  Something happened to his sister Jana back in the day (no fair giving it away) and now Jason is determined to get to the bottom of things.
I loved the story. Compelling, giving you enough to engage your attention, but leaving out as much as it reveals, making the reader want more.
The artwork is magnificent.  I wasn't sure the cool palette was going to work, but the colors used are as much a character in the story as Laura or Jason are.  There's also a steampunk vibe, slight, but there.
Great story, great art = great comic.

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