Monday, June 15, 2015

Author JD Barker to write prequel to Dracula with Dacre Stoker

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is without a doubt one of the greatest horror novels of all time. It has gained new audiences since it was written, been translated into over 40 languages, sold millions of copies across the world, and has been responsible for over 300 films.

But, what if the book we know and love was not the book Bram Stoker turned in to his publisher in 1897?

Official representative of the Stoker family Dacre Stoker has spent the last ten years researching his family’s legacy. He has examined documents public and private trying to piece together information on the man, his great-granduncle who wrote this epic work, and the events that inspired it. In doing so, he has come across a disturbing fact: Bram Stoker may have intended his novel Dracula as a warning, a glimpse of a very real entity of evil.

With Bram Stoket award winning author JD Barker, Dacre plans to explore materials including journals and other personal papers to delve into the idea that Stoker did not intend his novel as a
fictional entertainment, but a warning about a real menace.

For more information, go to Dracula Begins

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