Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: Undercroft Stories

Undercroft Stories
T H Davis
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In a nutshell: if you like short horror stories that are charged with atmosphere and urge you to turn the page to find out what happens next, then this is the book for you.

It's rare to find an anthology where all the stories are good.
TH Davis's Undercroft Stories is one of those rarities.
Every story is a winner.  I read this with a mixture of creeping unease and mounting excitement, hoping with the end of each great story, another was going to follow.  I was never disappointed.

As you read, it's as if Davis is standing next to you, his arm around your shoulder, walking you through the Undercroft, pointing out the people and places that populate it, thrilling to your reactions as the tales unfold.

After reading Black Lodge, you will never look at shadows again the same way.
In Unholy Rosary, an abandoned (and some say desecrated) convent becomes the stage for one man's descent into madness.
Oubliette serves up a chilling tale, full of claustrophobia and inevitability.
Pay the Ferryman is a harrowing take on the revenge from the grave story.
Once you've read Beneath the Water, you may think twice the next time you go to a secluded fishing spot.
Thy Will Be Done shows us what happens when we don't take something seriously, resulting in horrible consequences.
And finally, Prayer to Demugrah'keh illustrates what tampering with archaeological artifacts can cause.

Each story is atmospheric and finely crafted, with characters that, in such a short format, come to vivid life.
TH Davis is a master at crafting stories that scare and leave you breathless and wanting more.

This young author (he's only 24) has a long and prolific career ahead of him and needs a publisher sooner than later.I don't want to compare him to any one else out there, because it's apparent he has a voice all his own.
I cannot wait to see what he does with a fully fleshed out novel.

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