Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hope springs etenral

 Good afternoon constant reader.

I was 62 pages in to the review book and cast it aside.

Why did I go past my page 50 rule?
Because hope springs eternal and I was hoping with the next 12 pages after 50, the author was going to kick things into high gear.
The book started off gamely enough, but got hung up with repeating information about the characters  already stated, repeating the characters first and last names over and over, the plot devices were trite (thank you Mr. Couch for teaching me that word) and nothing was really happening.

I expect a book to grab me by the arm and pull me along from the first paragraph. If an author can't engender that reaction in me, then they've failed, in my estimation. Yes, I know there's value in slow build up, but you can do that and still hold my interest and not insult my intelligence by repeating information that has already been stated.

So into the Rejected Review Boos pile it goes, and I pick another and start to read...

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