Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Short story review coming soon

Good evening constant reader.

I sit here typing this good news, with a big black cat literally at my left hand. If she got any closer, I couldn't type, but I don't have the heart to make her move.

I received a short story submission in my mail not too long ago. My first reaction was to politely write back and inform the author I only accepted novels or short story collections for review.

But I stopped and thought it over.

There are tons of short stories offered for download online, giving authors another platform for exposure. Why shouldn't I give these authors the same consideration as authors of books?

I read the story and am pleased to say I think it is worthy of review and will be posting that review soon.

The Written Universe has started accepting short story submissions in the genres of horror, science fiction, fantasy and mystery. The only stipulation is that the story must be available on line for the reading public to download.
As always, there is no charge to the author for this service.

However, this reviewer needs to eat, so, for now, if you, constant reader, would be so kind as to take advantage of the "contextual ads" and the Amazon carousel widget if interested in purchasing what has been reviewed, I would be most appreciative.
I am in the process of finding out how I can monetize this blog for maximum effect and am looking at turning TWU into it's own dedicated webpage, with and Amazon affiliate store, as well as a Pay Pal "if you like what you're reading, donations kindly accepted", button.

I am passionate about the success of this site and strive to provide a dual service: getting good authors the exposure they deserve without charge, and providing readers with excellent choices in reading material.

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