Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Written Universe is ready for business again

Good afternoon constant reader.

I am pleased to announce The Written Universe will be accepting new submissions and I will be sifting through submissions that arrived during my then unsuspected black mold poisoning and have been gathering dust.

I'm going to unpack my Kindle and load it with all the files that have accumulated and pull out all my hard copies and start deciding what is going to get reviewed.
I can't guarantee everything I have been submitted will get reviewed: my policy is to only publish reviews of what is worth reading.
There's no sense in publishing a negative review. It tells you the reader what not to read.
I want to be able to grab your sleeve and pull you aside and say "Read this now!", that's what The Written Univerese is all about.

In the mean time, I will more than likely make entries to TWU about authors, book news and other esoterica as I see fit. I want TWU to be a place where you can not only find reviews, but news and other items of interest.

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