Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kindle ahoy?

Good afternoon constant reader.

I got my Kindle unpacked and charged, and with a few clicks was able to transfer all the mobi and PDF files I had been hoarding on my lap top. Now I've got to set about the task of sorting through what's what, maybe deleting a few files and motivating myself to read.

Yes, you read that right. I'm having to motivate myself to read. I hate reading on my Kindle, and today I can say with good reason: it isn't back lit, the cover it's in lets the Kindle flop loose and it hit me in the forehead, and the tabs on the side to advance the page...they tend to get pressed when I don't intend them to.
What is this all leading up to you wonder?
I think I want a Kindle Fire HD.
It's back lit, it organizes the books better and it will function as a tablet. It will also format any file to fit the viewing area without falling off the page.

So I'm setting my sights on a Kindle Fire HD in the hopefully near future.

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