Monday, July 8, 2013

My rules of the reading road

Good afternoon constant reader.
I read an article today where the writer stated their rules for reading and it got me to thinking about my own.

1. I don't dog-ear the page to mark my place. Nothing irritates me more and I broke myself of it years ago. Book marks only.

2. I don't keep every book I get. If I did, there wouldn't be room to live in the house. Basic rule of thumb here is: the book must be extraordinary for me to keep it, it usually must be a hard cover (exception is if it's a paperback original), or the book will automatically get kept if it's by a certain author, i.e., ones I like.

3. I read most of my books only once; I've got so many pleasure books to read and review submissions, re-reads are nigh impossible, but not completely off the table. Years will pass before I re-read things.

4. Reading at bedtime has been re-instituted and is a treasured part of the day.

5. I try to stop at the end of a chapter and almost always do, unless Morpheus is trying to drag me under.

6. I do not, for any reason, write in my books. The only time I did this was when I was in college and only then it was text books and any books I was reading for a class. I never write in any book I'm reading for pleasure or for review. Thank my mother.

7. If I'm reading a hardcover,or lending one out, the dust jacket comes off and stays on the shelf.

8. If any book I'm reading hasn't pulled me in by page 50, I stop reading it.

Do I keep e-books after reading? No.

What are your rules of the reading road?
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I welcome your feedback on what ever I'm writing about.

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