Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BSFA Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

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Since I've been introducing you to American book awards for science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery, I thought we'd hop across the pond and see what our Bristish brothers and sisters were up to.
Be advised not all of these titles may have a U.S. publisher and may be tricky to find.

May I present the BSFA's, the British Science Fiction Association Awards, presented every year for the best achievement in science fiction or fantasy writing, novel format. The awards are held each year for the year previous. Here are the winners since the year 2000:

2000 - Ash: A Secret History -  Mary Gentle

2001 - Chasm City -  Alistair Reynolds

2002 - The Separation - Christopher Priest

2003 - Felaheen - Jon Courtenay Grimwood

2004 - River of Gods - Ian McDonald

2005 - Air - Geoff Ryman

2006 -  End of the World Blues- Jon Courtenay Grimwood

2007 - Brasyl  - Ian McDonald

2008 - The Night Sessions - Ken MacLeod

2009 - The City & the City -  China Mieville

2010 - The Dervish House - Ian McDonald

2011 - The Islanders - Christopher Priest

You may be wondering why I'm off on this foreign book award bent, but I think it's important to realize Americans are not the only ones who write genre fiction.
By introducing you to award winning titles and authors from other countries, you will indeed find that the written universe is quite large and diverse.

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