Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Support Your Favorite Authors

Good evening constant reader.

You have your favorite author, or like me, authors.
You read everything you can get your hands on and wait breathlessly for their next release.

You tell everyone you know how good a particular author is, and can and do, wax rhapsodic about how good they are.

You think you're supporting said author(s) by buying their books and telling folks how good they are, right?

Ah, but there's something else you can do to help them.

Go to Amazon and leave a review and rate their work.

This is especially helpful to new authors trying to get a foot hold in the writing business.
Believe it or not, when people are browsing Amazon for a new book, they do take the time to read reviews left by other readers, especially if the author is someone they're not familiar with.
Finding 4 and 5 star reviews can sway a potential buyer.
Authors need feed back and being able to leave honest, heart-felt reviews about your favorite author(s) is a good habit to start.

In this day and age of everyone and his brother being able to get published, it's doubly important for fresh talent to get a review.
Hence the purpose of The Written Universe.
It's nice when you're a new author and your family loves your book and your friends are enthusiastic.
However, it's the words of praise from the intended audience that can mean the most.

When you have time, head on over to Amazon (you can also post reviews on the Barnes & Noble website, too) and start singing some praises. It will definitely help.

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