Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update to The Regulators auction

Good afternoon constant reader.

In my January 4th post to The Written Universe, I brought your attention to the auction of a rare edition of The Regulators, written under Stephen King's pen name Richard Bachman. King found out about the auction and signed the book, upping the value of the book.
Proceeds were to go to buy fuel oil for lower income families being served by the Emmaus Homeless Shelter, in Ellsworth, Maine.

Today I've found out the book sold for $2,850 which will buy 740 gallons of fuel oil.

Kudos to Mr King for taking part by signing the book.
Kudos to the anonymous party who put the book up for auction.
Kudos to Michael Riggs, owner of Scottie's Bookhouse, where the book was on display and for coordinating the auction.
Kudos to all who bid.
Kudos to the one who won.

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