Friday, January 18, 2013

How Do I Find Something To Read?

Good afternoon constant reader.

If you're like me, you've got a To Read stack of books (or pile, or shelf) and you'll never lack for anything to read.

But some of you might not be like that and as much as you enjoy reading, you may have trouble sometimes finding that next good read.

Here are some tips to help you find the next don't-bother-me-I'm-reading book that you can't put down.

Find out what your friends are reading.
Our friends tend to share common interests with us. A similar taste in books can be one of those, so it never hurts to ask a friend what they're reading and if they like it. Look online for a synopsis. If the book sounds like it will strike your fancy, hunt up a copy and go from there.

It seems these days more often than not, movies are based on their literary counterparts.
Watching the movie of a book first isn't cheating. The film is a director's interpretation of the written material.
After you've seen the movie, seeking out the book can ampliy the film-going experiene.
It's virtually impossible to put every single word of a book on the screen, so your reading experience will expand your viewing experience.
As much fun as it is to sit in a movie and ooh and ah over the special effects, books allow the reader the perspective of what a character is thinking.

Reading the book first can have you expecting to see all the characters and scenes in the book, so it's easy to be disappointed. Screenwriters and directors have to delete whole chapters and sometimes characters, to create a film that won't last 5 hours and cost too much to make.
Genre literature is about to see a lot of titles hit the silver screen: Stephanie Meyers's The Host, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, Donald Westlake's (written as Richard Stark) Parker (published as Flashfire), David Wong's John Dies at the End, and Kami Garcia's Beautiful Creatures to name a few.

Browse book seller websites, or be really retro and browse a book store in the flesh. (Yes there are still brick and mortar book stores).
If you find yourself in a book store, it never hurts to ask a book seller for recommendations. All you need to do is tell them your area of interest and they will most likely be able to come up with some authors and books for you to consider.
(Note: ask if their store has a staff recommended shelf. A lot of book stores do).

Check out book reviews, blogs or go to the library and ask a librarian.

There are many avenues to find good reading material. As with any journey, it begins with the first step.

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